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"A Must Have Registry Cleaner"

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Vit Registry Fix Free finds more errors than any other free version. And now they have the Pro edition you can use free for an unlimited amount of time provided you can put up with the nag screen. Vit Registry Fix will remind a lot of Registry Mechanic in how it scans for errors and it's just as easy to use as Registry Mechanic, just click start and allow it to find and remove the errors for you.

I have yet to have any problems with Vit Registry Fix, it has yet to remove important Operating System files nor do other registry cleaners find the same errors Vit already cleaned. So it is very safe and very effective and I recommend it to all users. Just be sure to backup everything because no registry cleaner is completely flawless.

  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • High Detection Rate
  • Safe And Effective Error Removal
  • Clean Interface
  • Free (Pro Free With Nag Screen)
  • Nag Screen For Pro Version

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11 Jul 2010

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